AT&T 4G Wireframes


AT&T 4G Wireframes

This project was one where we took over for another team. We had to have long communications and data to help come up with a tool that engineers would be able to access quickly and easily on a tablet. It was all new and evolving technology and concepts. This made the request to have this have several ways the project could adjust and still be approachable by the engineers.

These wireframes represent the long-term vision for the interactive prototype and serve as the foundation upon which the proof of concept was built. The team expanded on the work of the AT&T team by utilizing the “ping-pong” chart concept for displaying call flow data as it moves through the 4G LTE Network. Each page of these wireframes show different interaction points and navigation elements. Content (icons and copy) within these wireframes are for placeholder only.

Jeremiah Raidt
[email protected]