Facebook Game App UI/UX and Design Exploration

Facebook Game App UI/UX and Design Exploration

Several years ago I was asked to join a small team of developers to help concept and design a fun sports betting simulation game on the Facebook app platform. At the time Flash was sun setting for development of these types of games on the platform. We had to make the site with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript along with all the services the rest of the team were setting up. I worked with the team and designer to help get all the requirements and functionality into a small amount of real estate and have several layers of interactivity for all the data that potentially needed to be shared. We also wanted to have the site be visually engaging.

First we came up with some wireframes for the site experience. This was before responsive design 🙂

Some of the following are early examples of UI/UX and design exploration. I wanted to take some of the “glossy-ness” and sports and casino motiv’s.


After some early development, the team realized that our requirements were adjusted. After some updates to functionality and design, we ended up with the final design. Note that there were several animations that would “sparkle up” the site and experience.

Jeremiah Raidt
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