Why Process Matters

Why Process Matters

I have always loved this comic strip of the general experience of many team members in web and app projects. I have worked over the years trying to figure out ways to simplify and improve the experience all team members encounter.

I believe much has to do with communication and setting manageable expectations. Many times people are silo’d into their respective fields of knowledge and expertise. But, this sometimes tend to set-up confusion and frustration for clients, and members of a project team.

Some of the experiences I have had came down to the initial project pitch and project brief not properly making it clear what the client may be asking for goals and management.

Many times the first phase of discovery is ignored, and/or shortened which sets off an opportunity for the remainder of the project team to make assumptions. This tends to happen many times after a project is produced. Many times a client and/or project lead will shorten any type of maintenance of a published project. In the short-term this tends to helps resolve budget and schedule. But, in the long-run it can make the project feel not quite what the client expected because it morphed over time and the site doesn’t have a sustainable life span.

Jeremiah Raidt
[email protected]